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Here's our collection of useful web sites!

Disclaimer: MathNerds is not responsible for the content of sites other than our own. We believe the sites mentioned here contain reliable information, but you should use your own judgment. Don't believe everything you read, especially on the Internet!

Photo Gallery

Our Photo Gallery includes pictures from recent MathNerds activities!

MathNerds Mentoring Network

The MathNerds Mentoring Network is an exciting new project for linking school district classes to university classes to support local school districts and better prepare future teachers.

Top 5 Web Sites

These are the web sites that we refer people to most often; one of them probably already had the explanation you are looking for.

  • Purplemath Covers all aspects of high-school algebra in detail. Fractions, number bases, polynomials, matrices, solving, tips on word problems.

  • Dr. Math FAQ Answers nearly all Frequently Asked Questions in math. Some examples include: compound interest, names of big numbers, names of polygons, how to get started on a word problem, how to organize a two-column geometry proof, a vast table of geometric formulas (areas, volumes, etc.), N to the zeroth power, division by zero, why negative times negative is positive, and why study math.

  • MathWorld An online math encyclopedia, it answers nearly any question that asks "What is ...?"

  • Math Forum A great site for teachers. It includes lesson plans, activities, science fair projects, discussions of teaching methods and Problem of the Week.

  • Cut The Knot! A more advanced site that shows how to solve many classic and challenging problems. Things you will find here : 38 proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem (including President Garfield's), the 12 coins (or 12 bags of gold) problem, constructions with ruler and straightedge (and why some angles cannot be trisected).

Already-answered questions

Maybe your question has already been answered! Check out these archives of answered questions.

  • The MathNerds own archives Contains all the questions that have been answered by the MathNerds. Often the same question gets asked several times; see if your question is already answered in the archives!

  • Cardano's formula for the cubic One of our most popular requests: what's the formula for the roots of a cubic equation?

  • Why is m used for slope? Another popular request: why do we use the letter "m" for the slope of a straight line?

  • Ask Dr. Math A very large archive and good search engine. The Dr. Math FAQs are especially good.

  • Cut The Knot! This site focuses on problem-solving techniques, and includes solutions to a number of intricate problems.

  • MathPages About 500 articles in all areas of mathematics, covering intermediate and advanced topics.

  • MadSciNetwork A help site for all kinds of science questions except mathematics; includes FAQ and searchable archive. Find answers to your Physics and Computer Science questions here!

  • Nick's Mathematical Puzzles A site with many interesting and challenging mathematical problems. Each entry has hint, answer, and complete solution.

Automated Answering, Online Calculators

All the MathNerds are human, but there are some clever computers out there that can work (some) math problems too, and give you an instant answer.

  • QuickMath An automated service that uses Mathematica to give immediate answers to various kinds of algebraic and symbolic problems.

  • Yahoo! financial calculator links There are an enormous number of financial calculators online (for example, mortgage, amortization). Go to Yahoo! and search for the desired kind of calculator, for example, mortgage calculator.

  • MathServ - Mathematica Web Server Site that uses an online version of the Mathematica program to do various symbolic and numeric calculations.

  • WebMath Automated answers in many categories up through calculus. Includes compound interest. Interesting site because the automated answer not only gives you the answer but shows step by step how to get it.

  • Cryptarithmetic Puzzle Solver Cryptarithms are puzzles like SEND + MORE = MONEY where each letter stands for a single digit and you are asked to find the meaning of each letter. This site solves addition cryptarithms for you.

  • All Kinds A collection of on-line calculators for every purpose: scientific uses, currency conversion, time, unit conversion, and lots more!

  • Derivatives Anyone?An automated site that helps you with long multiplication,long division, and derivatives. Integrals coming soon!

  • Financial Calculators, including a College Savings Calculator Handy to show to your folks to see if they are saving enough to send you to college!

Math Words and Definitions

  • MathWorld Online math encyclopedia. An excellent resource for looking up words and concepts; often goes into a great deal of detail on the math involved. Try this one first!

  • AltaVista search engine Mathematics is very well represented on the Web, and often you can find definitions and explanations simply by searching with a general-purpose search engine like AltaVista.

  • Google search engine Another good general-purpose search engine.

  • Mathematical Atlas Extensive descriptions of all areas of mathematics, indexed in several ways including by the Mathematical Subject Classification (MSC) used by Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt für Mathematik.

  • Wikipedia A collaborative online encyclopedia, it has very good coverage of mathematics topics (and much else).

Math History and Biography

Online Math Books

Good Math Software

  • MathGV Free function graphing program for Windows.

  • Plotting Software Free downloadable software for differential equations, statistics, geometry (2 and 3-D), plotting, voting methods, network analysis, games, linear algebra and more!

  • Number Sense Computerized Software for sale that helps with number sense and UIL competition preparation, written (and used for many years) by Larry White, friend of MathNerds.

Discovery/Inquiry-Based Learning

The MathNerds use a method called Discovery or Inquiry-Based Learning, where we try to lead you to discover the answer for yourself. Read more about this method here.

  • Academy of Inquiry-Based Learning an association of professors, instructors, teachers and non-teaching supporters (such as retired professors or teachers having IBL experience, administrators, foundation personnel) who are committed to developing and disseminating inquiry-based learning (IBL) techniques.

  • Creative Teaching: The Heritage of R. L. Moore A book-length biography and study of R. L. Moore and the "Moore method" of discovery learning. Originally published as a print book by the University of Houston in 1972, now available online in several digital formats.

  • Discovery Learning Project Two sites in one! The Discovery Learning Project tracks various projects that use and encourage the use of discovery methods. The Legacy of R. L. Moore site traces the influence of Robert Lee Moore (1882-1974), a famous proponent and practitioner of discovery methods of teaching.

  • Personal experiences with discovery learning methods Everyone who teaches by discovery or inquiry-based methods does it a little differently. This page (part of the Legacy of R. L. Moore site) contains about 30 short notes online and references to about 30 more. Teachers give their experiences using these methods and their impressions of their own teachers who used the methods.

  • R. L. Moore: Mathematician & Teacher (Amazon.com listing) A new (2004) biography of R. L. Moore, by John Parker.

Exercises and Drills

  • SOS Math Lots of good explanations, examples, and drills. Especially good on fractions and polynomials. Covers algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and several advanced math areas.

  • Math.com Algebra Worksheets Generates worksheets with algebra problems. (No answers though, so you'll have to check your work yourself.)

  • A+ Math Mostly arithmetic. Has flashcards, games, worksheets.

  • FreeMathHelp.com The name says it all; help in various categories including flashcards, worksheets, mini-lectures, and more.

  • MathStories.com Hundreds of story problems with answers. Elementary school level. This site is not free, it requires a subscription.

  • Complex, Technology Based Problems in Calculus These problems have a higher level of complexity than traditional text book problems and foster use of a computer algebra system. Each problem set includes discussions of related teaching issues and solutions worked in Mathematica.

  • Multiflyer A nice site that uses a game to teach basic multiplication.

  • Aunty Math Challenging problems for K-5 students; a new problem every two weeks.

  • Math Forum Problem of the Week New problems each week in many categories, aimed at grades 3 - 12.

University Links

For true reference resources, universities often have excellent information.

For Parents and Teachers

(Also see Discovery/Inquiry Learning above).

  • Math Forum A very large site with lots of good information for teachers (also useful for parents). Lesson plans. Internet resources. Problem of the week.

  • Mudd Math Fun Facts A collection of over 100 fascinating math tidbits that lead into broader areas of mathematics.

  • Merlot A site with links to an assortment of sites, including mathematical sites. Includes a reviewing system so you can see if other people liked the sites before you go.

  • Learning Disabilities Online - Math Skills A collection of articles on math learning disabilities.

  • Dyscalculia.org Dyscalculia is another name for math learning disabilities. This site has a variety of resources, including diagnosis methods and ideas for treatment.

  • NCTM Illuminations Project Several hundred classroom projects for grades K-12, tied to the NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) standards.

  • CRAFTY and Curriculum Foundations CF is a project to find out from other disciplines what they expect their students to be taught in math. This site contains all the reports, by discipline.

Specialized Sites

Single-purpose sites and specialized references.

Fun Math Stuff

  • Mudd Math Fun Facts Fun Mathematics Problems from Harvey Mudd College. Ask for a random Fun Fact and see if you can answer it without peeking!

  • The Mathematics Quotation Server Consists of a large collection of information on both contemporary and past mathematicians (and some non-mathematicians).

  • ZomeTool Really cool mathematical building toys - think mathematical Legos.

Fun Nerd Stuff

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