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Many MathNerds features, including asking questions and viewing the archive, are available only to registered users.

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MathNerds is a specialized math help service that helps people who have tried working a problem but find themselves unable to finish or to get the correct answer. We are not a tutoring service, and we will not do your homework for you. We will give hints and guidance if you have worked on a problem and can't go any further. You need to show us what you have done so that we can give you a good hint.

If you "can't get started" on a problem, we will not give you the solution, but we will give you a basic hint so you can get started. If this basic hint doesn't help, please seek help from your teacher or the web sites on our Links page. MathNerds is not a replacement for your math teacher.

To receive substantial help from us, you must have made a serious effort to solve the problem, and you must show us what you have done. It's OK if you feel you haven't made any progress -- show us the things you tried that didn't work, even if you are sure they are all wrong. If you did make progress, show us what you have accomplished. The MathNerds equation is "no work shown from you = no help shown from us"
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