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MathNerds Privacy Policy

Effective date of this policy: March 4, 2006

For questions about our policy, or to have your personal information removed from our site, please email us.

We do not sell or rent or reveal to third parties the personal information we receive. However, some information you provide is published on our site and can be viewed by anyone in the general public. More details are below.

We place a cookie on your browser to help us identify your session. The cookie contains no personal data and expires at the end of the session.

Guestbook users

Visitors (persons who visit the site but do not sign in)

No information is recorded.

Clients (persons who sign in to ask a question)

When you register, we ask and record your email, name, city, state, country, and date of birth.

The questions you send us are posted online in our archives and can be read by the general public. This includes your original question, our responses to you and any additional responses from you. It also includes your chosen display name; if you did not choose one, your real name is shown. You should not enter your address, email address, or telephone number in your question or responses because these would then be visible to the general public.

Team Members and applicants to be Team Members (persons who answer questions)

When you apply to be a team member, we first ask you to register as a client (see above) and we ask and record your degree and school or place of employment.

When you are working as a team member, anything you enter in your responses to questions will be sent to the client and will also be visible to the general public in the archives. If you choose "Show your name on the FAQ page" on your profile page, we will publish your name and affiliation on our FAQ page. If you provide a personal web page we will publish its address on our FAQ page. If you allow us to publish your email address, we will allow visitors to fill a web form that will send you an email.

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